Andis EBC Pro Clipper


Key Features:

- Cool and quiet

- Detachable blade and interchangeability for improved blade longevity

- Durable housing to be able to withstand drops and knocks

- Heavy-duty single speed rotary motor delivers enhanced cutting power

Powerful, reliable and versatile full body grooming from home.

Heavy-duty single speed clipping. Perfect for at-home, full body grooming on medium-coated, double-coated, wire-hair, curly and long hair breeds. A powerful rotary motor, improved torque and enhanced cutting power. A tough and durable exterior. This clipper is for big dogs and tough coats and is built to last. The Pro-Animal EBC comes with a detachable blade to make cleaning and maintenance easy. Different blade sizes are interchangeable which ensures maximum cutting quality and extends each blades longevity.

Breed Suitability:

Suitable for professional and at-home grooming on medium coated, double-coated, wire-hair, curly and long hair breeds.

Breed Examples:

Border Collie, Schnauzer, Huskies, Large Terriers, German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever

Kit Includes:

  • Andis #10 UltraEdge Blade
  • Blade Oil
  • 4 attachment combs