Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper


Key Features:

- Professional 5-Speed Clipper for cutting through all coat types

- Light-weight soft grip ergonomic design allows for maximal user comfort

- Designed to endure tough coats consistently and reliably

- Comes with Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade which runs cooler than normal steel blades and lasts 70% longer

Professional strength and versatility with comfort in mind.

Top-of-the-line strength and force with the versatility and nimbleness of a light-weight clipper. A compact and ergonomic design allowing you to clip in comfort for longer. Five speed options means this clipper pays attention to detail. Each variation in speed allowing for fine adjustments according to unique parts of the animal or the coat. The slowest speed allowing you to clip delicately around sensitive areas, the highest speed for the toughest parts of the coat and speeds for everything in between. This speed variability reduces the blades heating up and improves its longevity. With our highest performing rotary motor, lasting two times longer than the original, this clipper delivers a superior performance.

Breed Suitability:

Suitable for professional and at-home grooming on all dog coats breeds and matted coats.

Breed Examples:

Oodle Breeds, Bichon Frise, Large Animals, Horses

Kit Includes:

  • Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade
  • Blade Oil
  • Spare Blade Drive