Wahl Shampoo - Shed Control 300ml


Wahl’s Shed Control Shampoo contains lemongrass, sage, oatmeal, and aloe to reduce shedding and dander, whilst leaving the coat clean and refreshed.

Product Features

  • Lemongrass Sage: This Shed Reducing formula is made with lemongrass and sage, which helps to effectively reduce the excess shedding of dog’s coat.
  • Pet Friendly Formula: Wahl understands the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals, which is why all our shampoos are pH Balanced, as well as Paraben & Alcohol Free.
  • Concentrated Formula: With this large 300ml bottle of high concentrate shampoo, a little goes a long way. This saves you money and trips back to the shop!
  • Healthy Skin, Healthy Coat: A healthy skin makes for a healthy coat. The Shed Control Shampoo comprises of a thick lather that rinses clean, leaving your dog’s coat healthy, silky and smooth.